Solar Mega Project

Mega Solar Systems is Engaged in Manufacturing, Supplying, Exporting and Trading of good Quality Solar PV Modules, Solar Panels, Solar Inverter, Digital Inverter, Mega Watt Scale Solar Power Plant, Solar Rooftop Power Plants, Solar Pump Sets, Solar Water heater, Solar Street Lighting, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Powered Traffic Signals, Solar Blinkers / Flashers, Solar Road Stud (SRS), Solar Security Fence Systems, Solar Lanterns, LED Light, Flood Lights, Solar Swimming Pool Heaters and many more. The entire product range offer by us is extensively used in Homes, Offices, Industries, Hotels, Restaurant, Form Houses, Gardens, Petrol pumps, Agriculture farms, Poultry Farms, Traffic Signals, Tollgates, Highways Roads and other commercial sectors. The hassle free performance and high durability of our products.


  • By shanpr

    The most useful place of a hot water is at kitchen... coz we can save energy and time to heat up normal water for cooking purpose. the LPG rate in nowadays are going high and this is a solution for that.. if we use induction cooker or solar cooker the LPG usage can be again educed, thus by calculating all these factors, you can regain the invested amount for a solar water heater within 8-10 years, which is not a long period. '''' smart usage will be paid''''.

  • By shibasis05

    I am also a user of solar water heater.For me i found it is very useful.What you have told 500ltrs wastage of water that is not correct.If you are not using for some days then you should cover the glass tubes. so sun light will not fall on the tubes.Like you are switching off your elctric light switch when it''s not require.Like this some precaution if we will take then we can use it for life time.