Solar Grampanchayat

Our solar technician model is proving that the most trusted person in the village isn’t who sells you the best product, but who can fix it when it breaks.

The Problem

1.6 billion people lack access to energy. Solving this has the potential to improve every possible social-economic indicator, as well as reduce carbon emissions from one of the dirtiest sources: kerosene. One of the most promising paths that has emerged in recent years is going “off grid”: providing solar laterns and home systems to individual households.

Our Solution

This network will become a trusted source of new solar and related products, provide ongoing maintenance/servicing of larger clients, and eventually become the local warranty servicing partner of product manufacturers. Our unique combination of vocational training, entrepreneurship support, supply chain development, and community outreach/marketing is creating not only jobs, but an entire new economy centered around localized entrepreneurship and technical skills.
Providing quick, affordable servicing by technicians recruited from and located directly in their community will boost consumer confidence in solar and thus increase adoption rates of solar products in rural off-grid communities.
Getting them off kerosene and onto a reliable, affordable source of clean energy will have incredible environmental, health, safety, economic, educational, and social benefits, while at the same time providing male and female entrepreneurs as strong community role models.

The Impact

We are a client-centric organization and thus, we believe in understanding the importance of satisfying our clients to the fullest. Our constructive, consultative and well structured approach facilitates us in meeting the specific requirements of our clients depending upon their respective businesses in the industry. Our company has been able to achieve complete client satisfaction as a result of our multi-featured services. Our global quality product range has helped us in gaining a number of satisfied clients throughout the country. Following strategic planning and optimum use of resources, we are serving our clients on a long term basis. Our cherished vision is not only to meet all the requirements of our sophisticated clients but to exceed it. . Our experience and diligent team allows us in conducting in-depth research in many industries and meet client's needs. Moreover, we also maintain a broad network of associates as well as affiliations with renowned multinational companies that has allowed us to establish ourselves in the market and gain a substantial position in the global marketplace.

Climate Change

Eliminating kerosene lamps will not only reduce CO2 emissions but also prevent the emission of black carbon, a short-lived climate pollutant now recognized as the second biggest cause of global warming.

Job Creation

Up to 1500 youth will earn new incomes directly or indirectly from the 500 repair shops we will set up over the next two years.


Switching from kerosene will not only prevent kerosene-caused fires that kill and injure thousands a year, but will also remove it as a major cause of indoor air pollution.


With solar lights being much brighter than kerosene lamps, children no longer have headaches and eye strain and thus study an average of an extra hour each evening.


Prevent thousands of injuries and deaths a year from kerosene-caused fires and accidental ingestion by young children.